Editing an Image in the Email Designer



Images in columns aren't the same size

When uploading images in to columns, you may notice that images are different sizes. The width will always be consistent, but as you'll see in the below example the heights may be different as you're downloading different image file sizes.

The  Image Editor tool makes this a really quick fix. Click on the Image Editor (the blue pencil icon over an image) and select Transform. You'll see the following, and then select Fit. The editor will show you the dimensions of the image block and you're then able to crop the image to best fit the block. It's not always you'll have to trim the image, but in this example I do crop some of the image.


Do that for all the images and you get uniform sizing across the board.


Adding text to an image

Also in the Image Editor, is the ability to add text to images. Very handy for creating title blocks built on images, or highlighting certain actions on an image. 

Open up the image editor tool on a given image and select Text. From there you have the ability to add multiple text sizes playing with a variety of fonts, colours and sizes.

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