How do I import HTML into the Email Designer?




To import existing HTML into the Bananatag Email Designer, you will need to: 

STEP 1: Login to your Bananatag account

STEP 2: Select Create

STEP 3: Click on Email Drafts

STEP 4: Select + New Email Draft

STEP 5: Choose to create the draft From Scratch using Rich Text - Text-based emails

STEP 6: Paste your HTML into the blank email draft

STEP 7: You can Send Test Email to test how your email will look when received

STEP 8: You can select Save to save this design as a draft or select Save as Template to save this design as a template for future use

STEP 9: After saving, you can send the draft or template directly from your email client



Although it is possible to use your own HTML template in the Bananatag Email Designer, we highly advise against this. Outlook is very strict (and often fussy) with what formatting it will accept, often causing sent emails to be received looking far different than they did when being composed. We've shaped the Bananatag Email Designer to be as friendly as possible with the Outlook restrictions so emails are being sent and received with no formatting surprises or blemishes. 

We recommend building out your newsletter using the Email Designer tool. With all the content blocks and customizations available, it's very easy to replicate your existing HTML template within our designer. Learn how to rebuild your email template here




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