Rebuild an HTML Email Template within the Email Designer



Rebuilding an existing HTML email template with the Bananatag Email Designer is easy and prevents formatting issues that can come with sending HTML. It's also a great way to create re-usable, shareable and editable email templates for your team to use into the future. 

Rebuilding your template

STEP 1: Have your existing HTML (or other) email template on hand

STEP 2: Login to your Bananatag account

STEP 3: Select Create

STEP 4: Click on Email Drafts

STEP 5: Select + New Email Draft

STEP 6: Select From Scratch - Email Designer (HTML) - Block-based Email Designer

STEP 7: Enter your Email Subject

STEP 8: There will be a blank template with the Email Designer toolbar on the left hand side of the screen - start with Blocks.

The Blocks will help you build the framework of your template. There are many options for different content types and content layouts. We recommend to do this is to this by pairing your HTML design on the screen with our Email Designer and begin building out the different content features, or blocks as we call them, to replicate the email.

Have any image assets, video files or URL links ready to input.

STEP 9: Input your information (text, images, hyperlinks) and adjust the Style and Content

  • Style - This section allows you to adjust the colors, fonts, buttons and surveys (where applicable), as well as the padding.
  • Content - Each block has its own content features that you can adjust.

STEP 9: You can Send Test Email to test how your email will look when received

STEP 10: You can select Save to save this design as a draft or select Save as Template to save this design as a template for future use

STEP 11: Once you’re satisfied with your template/draft you can preview how it would look like on a Desktop or Mobile screen.

STEP 12: After saving, you can send the draft or template directly from your email client.



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