What are the most supported fonts across mail clients?

Many fonts are designed to be 'web safe' while some fonts are specific to the operating system; not counting fonts that are entirely custom. When sending to users across multiple platforms, you may see some of your font selections adjust based on which fonts are supported on the mail client or operating system.


Sans Serif "Web Safe" fontsThe below fonts are your best bet for Sans Serif fonts that are compatible with most (if not all) platforms.

  Outlook (2016) Outlook for Mac Apple Mac Mail iOS Mail Android Mail Gmail


yes.png yes.png yes.png yes.png  yes.png yes.png

Arial Black

yes.png no.png yes.png no.png no.png yes.png


 yes.png  yes.png yes.png   yes.png yes.png yes.png

Trebutchet MS

 no.png  yes.png  yes.png  yes.png yes.png yes.png


 yes.png yes.png yes.png   yes.png yes.png yes.png



yes.png** yes.png yes.png yes.png yes.png

Serif "Web Safe" fontsNormally your best bet for Serif fonts that are supported across most platforms.

 Courier* yes.png   yes.png yes.png  yes.png  yes.png yes.png 
Courier New   yes.png  yes.png  yes.png  yes.png yes.png yes.png 
Georgia  yes.png  yes.png  yes.png yes.png  yes.png  yes.png
Times*  yes.png  yes.png  yes.png  yes.png yes.png  yes.png
Times New Roman yes.png  yes.png  yes.png  yes.png yes.png yes.png 

* - Not currently supported through the Bananatag Email Designer
** -- Support for this font may vary between specific versions or builds of the mail client

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