How can I use aliases to send employee emails in Outlook 365?


Want to send from a different email address for a particular communication? Sending on behalf of a colleague and need it to come from them? You need Aliases!

How to use aliases with Bananatag in Outlook 365

The instructions below are illustrated in Outlook 365 OWA (Office 365 Web Access), but will be the same for the desktop version of Outlook 365.



Adding an alias

STEP 1: To add a new alias, create a new draft message, from the bottom of the message click on the 3 dots and then choose Bananatag, then navigate to Settings, and then Alias.

warning.png(If you are adding the alias from the Outlook Desktop app, you need to click the Track and Send button from a compose window, not the Bananatag button from the Home screen.)



STEP 2: Add your alias, and then click Save:

Note: If you receive an error during this step, you may just need to refresh the connection between the addressbook and Bananatag. To do this, close the sidebar, open a standard Outlook compose window and send an email to yourself or a colleague From: the alias you are trying to add. Once that's done, go back to Step 1 of this guide and try again.


You should be all set!

Once validated, your alias will be added to the list of email addresses in the From field of your Bananatag add-in:

Note: If you don't see the alias appearing in the From field of your Bananatag add-in, just click on the Gear icon in the Bananatag sidebar and sign out, then back in.



Aliases can also be accessed when sending drafts through the Broadcast window:



Controlling where your metrics go when using Aliases

Last but not least, you have control over where the metrics for your tracked send go. That means you can send from '' but have the metrics go to your personal dashboard, or set it so that the metrics always go to the account associated with the 'from' address, if possible.


Option 1: "Track with primary account"

This will send metrics for any emails you track & send to the Bananatag account that you are authenticated with in Office365 - generally your personal email.

Option 2: "Track to it's own account"

This will send metrics to the Bananatag account associated with the mailbox you are sending from as the Alias, if an account exists. If not, you will get an error.



warning.png Important: Note that you will need ‘send as’ permissions for any alias that is being used with Bananatag. This is critical for ensuring consistent deliverability when sending through an alias. If you do not have ‘send as’ permissions for a given alias, you will see an error message when adding the alias, and may need to contact your IT team to request ‘send as’ permissions.

What if I can send from aliases in Desktop Outlook but not the Web version?

tip.pngThis would indicate that your alias address is locally configured in your desktop Outlook client, but not on the mail server level. Bananatag requires the alias address be set up on the mail server directly for these steps to be completed accurately.

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