Why do font sizes change in my template/draft?




Our Email Designer is designed from the ground up to support as many widely used mail clients as possible, but it's important to keep in mind that not all mail clients are designed equally.

As it pertains to styling, some mail clients will support certain font sizes provided through CSS, while mail clients like Outlook only support font sizing of individual HTML elements.


How can I ensure my font maintains it's size across all platforms?

In addition to setting a default font size for "All Blocks" or on a per-block basis, you can utilize the Inline Editor (shown within the blue UI options at the top of the design) to explicitly set a default font size per block.

warning-colour.png Outlook users: Be sure to set your font size per block through the Inline Editor to ensure Outlook does not use it's own font-size defaults.



 How do I know if Outlook supports other styles in my template?

You can utilize the in-depth CSS styling guide on our help center here for a detailed overview of support for styles across many widely used mail clients.