Why do images sometimes stretch when sending an email design?



What happens?

When creating your email design, you typically don't see any issues with images in the design itself:

However, upon sending -- images can sometimes be skewed when received by the email client:

How do I fix this?

The Bananatag development team is currently working on various optimizations to improve the overall handling of images within the email designer, but due to the random circumstances in which this can occur it's always recommended to ensure that your images meet the appropriate requirements for their containers before they are uploaded.



Images are required to meet the minimum width of the container they are uploaded to. In the above screenshot, images would need to be at least 280 pixels in width. Images that do not meet this minimum width may appear skewed by default, even within the designer. For larger images, our email designer provides a range of different cropping and editing options via the Image Editor:



Still seeing issues?

Try adjusting your image in an external image editing tool (like photoshop), to see if you get better results the next time you upload your images to the Email Designer.





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