Error - (AADSTS70002/AADSTS70008): The refresh token has expired due to inactivity



If your email address is hosted through Office365 or, you may occasionally encounter an error when sending a tracked email through Bananatag like so:



What does this mean?

As an additional security measure, Microsoft invalidates the unique token we obtain from them in order to access certain portions of your email account every 90 days, which requires users to "re-authorize" their accounts for use with Bananatag.


How do I fix this?

This error is extremely easy to resolve! All you will need to do to re-authorize your account is log into your account at, then visit the Email Connect page via your account settings. After you've reached the page, Unsync and Resync with Outlook.


After this point, you should be able to continue tracking your emails as Bananatag will possess a new validation token for your Office365 or account.

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