Using the Video Block



We are excited to announce the release of Email Designer Video Block, available in the latest version of the Bananatag Email Designer (Version 2.0). 

Due to video embeds varying in support across the vast majority of email clients, there is no current way to directly embed a video in your email. The Video Block is designed to bypass this by mimicing the "look and feel" of an embedded video while actually redirecting your user to the video itself using a link. 


Where do I start?

You can simply drag-and-drop the new Video Block from the blocks list and configure the required settings. After you've added a video URL and optional* thumbnail image, select Generate to populate the video block with it's content.

warning.png IMPORTANT

*For YouTube videos, or other media that is publicly available on the web, you don’t need to upload a thumbnail image as this will be fetched automatically from video source. For all other links and internal videos, this image file is necessary as Bananatag will be unable to connect to your teams internal Intranet sources where those files are hosted.



What exactly does each setting do?

Video URL:

This is the link to the video hosted on YouTube or other websites or internal shared spaces. This link is where the user will be taken to, after clicking on the video thumbnail. This field is required

Play Button Color:

This is the color of play button icon overlaid on top of the image, currently you can choose from black or white.

Thumbnail Image:

This is the image used for creating the video thumbnail. This field is optional for YouTube links and necessary for all other video hosting servers.  If the link is YouTube and a file is chosen, then this file will be used to generate a thumbnail instead of default YouTube preview image.

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