Why are images watermarked when I send a test email?



When using the 'Sent Test Email' button through the Bananatag Email Designer, we overlay a watermark on your image in an effort to prevent the forwarding of that message for it's actual distribution.


Why does this happen?

Various email clients, like Outlook in particular, use rendering engines that will insert a number of 'mail client specific' tags in the HTML of your email template or draft. In HTML rich designs such as those created through our email designer or elsewhere, this can cause formatting to be broken up when an email is sent through Outlook's native compose window.


How does Bananatag avoid this?

When sending an email through the Bananatag Outlook add-in or Gmail extension, we utilize our own in-house developed compose window to "package" the template or draft in a way that ensures the mail client can send it with minimal involvement in the message body itself.





What if I can't use the Bananatag Broadcast window? (older versions of Outlook, etc.)


If the version of mail client you're using does not support the latest version of our plugins which include the Bananatag Broadcast window, you can still distribute your designs for review or distribution by clicking on the Download button when editing your draft or template. Then, select to either export it as a PDF or HTML file.


warning.png IMPORTANT:

You may still encounter formatting issues with your email designs if distributing your email drafts or templates in this way. Please reference the attached message prior to downloading your file for full details.


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