Using the Table of Contents Block



Using Table of Contents Block in Version 3.0

Below will help explain how to create a Table of contents using out Email Designer 3.0.

Where do I start?

First we'll want to drag a block into your design, below we also demo how to make a "back to top" anchor technique using white text. 


From here you can then add your text elements and content, ensure we are using headers for sections we wish to use in the TOC, eg "Interesting Topic #1"



Once completed just create a new text block and element then choose the TOC option on the right, this will embed the title headings as anchor links in the document to allow for easy navigation, we can also format this as a list or a menu


Illustrated below;


Using Table of Contents Block in Version 2.0

Below will help explain how to create a Table of contents using out Email Designer 2.0. 




Where do I start?



You can simply drag-and-drop the new Table of Contents block from the blocks list and configure the settings for either a default "List Style", or a more elegant "Menu Style". Then, click Generate to output a list outlining all the headers and the titles inside your current draft or template.

All the titles in the drafts that are different than the generic default ones will be picked up (they need to be modified to be anything other than `Title` or `Section Title`).


The default 'Title' text will not be picked up, but the highlighted 'Check This Out' title is custom, and therefore will be picked up by the Table of Contents block.

Also If you want to add headers to your draft to be picked up by the table of contents, you can simple find them in the inline editor options



How does this work?

Items on the list have anchor links to the content they are referencing to and once user clicks on an item in the list, they will be taken to the part of the draft where that title or header exists.


What email clients support this?

The underlying implementation for table of content uses a combination of named and id anchors to make content anchor links possible, you can find the email client support for these elements below:

Mail Client 'name' element support: 'id' element support:
Outlook 2007-2016 (Windows) Supported Supported
Outlook for Mac Not Supported Not Supported (Web) Supported Supported
Outlook app (Android) Supported Supported
Outlook app (iOS) Not Supported Not Supported
Gmail (Web) Supported Supported
Gmail app (Android) Supported Supported
Gmail app (iOS) Not Supported Not Supported
Inbox by Gmail (Android) Supported Supported
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