Managing and Editing Users as an Admin or Parent Admin




As an Admin or Parent Admin for your Teams or Internal Comms subscription, you have the ability to create and remove users, create Groups for teams, move users between groups, and set permissions for users.

Adding Users from the Team Page

There are a couple of different ways you can add users to your team. First, you’ll want to ensure you are on the Team page of your dashboard. The most common way to add users is by simple clicking New User (1).

If the user is going into an existing Group, then you can specify that here (a). As well, you can select the type of permission level this user will have by choosing their account type (b). Most users will be set as Base User. (You can learn more about user permissions here.)

If the user needs to be put into a new Group, then you can create a new Group on the left-hand side (2).

Note: With Shared Views enabled, all members of a group can access the emails sent by members of their group as well as access drafts made by users in that group.

The second way to add users is using a .csv. This is handy for adding a lot of users without having to go through the process over and over. To do this, click on Import Users (3) and follow the instructions. Be sure to format your csv in a way that our system can read it.


Once you’ve added a user, they will appear under your Team! If the user you’re adding already has a Bananatag account associated with the corresponding email address, then they will receive an email inviting them to join your team. They will just need to follow the link then sign in with their Bananatag credentials.


Editing Existing Users

You can edit the permission level, group, name and email address for any user on your team. You can also revoke access to member from this page. To do so, click on the three dots icon next to the user you want to edit on the Team page.

Logging in as a user on your team

As an Admin, you have the ability to log as any user on your team. To do so, click on the little person icon on the Team page. When you’re done and want to return back to your account, just click the orange bar at the top of the screen.



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