How to access my teams Drafts and Templates with the Office 365 Add-in



If you already have access to the drafts you need, then it's as easy as opening up the Bananatag Add-in from your Outlook compose screen, by clicking Track and Send. From there, click the center tab on the sidebar and select your Draft as in the screenshot below:


What if you've opened up the Bananatag sidebar and clicked on the center tab and don't see your teams Drafts. Or maybe, you only see ones you've created but you need to access Drafts which a colleague on your team made. This guide will walk you through how sharing works, and what to expect.


Shared Views

Shared Views is a feature that allows a group of internal communicators using Bananatag to view and share their collective tracked email data without having to log into different accounts, and enables for collaboration on email drafts by default.

With Shared Views Enabled:

  • All group members can access the emails sent by members of their group
  • New email drafts created by the group, by default (with the option to mark new emails as private, if desired)

These features are available for all Internal Comms accounts, and can be enabled by a parent admin in the settings page of your Bananatag Account:


It's important to note that the account you sign into Bananatag with, generally identified by your personal email address, is the account which is associated with Draft access for your account. That means that if your Bananatag account is '', but all your Drafts and Templates are created on the account '', then you will need to be in the same group as that communications account in order to access those Drafts/Templates. (Also, Shared Views will need to be enabled.)


tip-colour.pngFor more information on putting users into the appropriate groups, see: Managing and Editing Users as an Admin or Parent Admin.

tip-colour.pngFor more information on how to share Templates or Drafts, see: How do I share templates?


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