Enabling Custom Domains




Bananatag utilizes a redirect URL to track link clicks, files and survey events. We use a similar system for the open-tracking component of your emails. We use a generic Bananatag domain for this (http://s.bl-1.com) but Internal Comms - Enterprise users can customize this domain to better suit your organizations branding. This can help reduce any confusion related to internal phishing training programs.

In order to create a custom domain link, your IT team will need to create a CNAME record that points to Bananatag.

When you have selected your custom subdomain and created the CNAME, your IT team will need to point it to:


Once completed, contact us with the CNAME details and we will confirm it is setup correctly and complete the setup on our side.


Instead of seeing:


as a link in your email, it would be formatted as:


The tracking pixel component (.gif file) will also be hosted under this custom domain.

tip-colour.pngNote:  Users are not to replace the 'custom-domain-2.bananatag.com' with their own link, but rather ensure that custom-domain-2 is set up as a TARGET (or) VALUE for the CNAME they create.

tip-colour.pngNote: In cases where internal DNS records or maintained, organizations will need to update these records as well to avoid a "page cannot be displayed" error when using tracked links.

tip-colour.pngNote: You can pick any domain name you like, as long as it does not include special characters which don't function in URLs.


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