Web App - Why emails may bounce and how to fix problem records



A “bounce” refers to anytime an email message cannot be delivered by Bananatag to a specific email address, for a variety of reasons.

A hard bounce occurs when an email message is returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid. What the recipient email server treats as a hard bounce differs between configurations.

A soft bounce occurs when the server rejects an email due to a seemingly temporary condition such as a full inbox, a connection that cannot be established, or other intermittent technical issues.

Soft bounces will not get marked as a bounce in Bananatag. Instead, Bananatag will continue to try to deliver the message until it’s delivered, or the recipient mail server returns a hard bounce.

As part of Bananatag’s Web App features, which allow you to create and manage your own distribution lists, you may encounter some recipient email addresses returning bounces in your email stats on app.bananatag.com.

With Web Sending enabled, the app will provide a report of all hard bounced contacts for a given email, as well as a way to download these problem contacts, and instructions for fixing these. Any contacts included within the bounced contact list will be filtered out of the directory so they will not be included in future communications unless they are marked Safe to Send.


What does marking a bounced record “safe to send” do?

Marking a bounced record as “safe to send to” lets Bananatag know this recipient’s email address is correct, and something other than an invalid email address caused the bounce.


Marking a bounce record safe to send makes sense if you can verify that the recipient’s email address is entered correctly, and the reason the email bounced is likely a temporary and/or intermittent technical issue.


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