Challenges sending 'From:' another mailbox or email account


In Internal Communications it's standard for communicators to send on behalf of leaders and from shared mailboxes to help create consistency, trust and branding within their communications strategy.

Bananatag makes it easy for communicators to send from any accounts they have permission to send from within their mail system but sometimes errors can occur - this guide will walk you through the steps required to either solve these issues yourself or point you in the right direction, depending on whether you use Bananatag for Office 365, or Bananatag 3.0.

Bananatag for Office 365

Important Note

Haven't setup Aliases yet? No idea what an Alias is? Start here

Before proceeding, please ensure that all alias mailboxes have accounts created within Bananatag and that they are linked to the correct IC subscription.

For emails created using the native Outlook compose window, you will only be required to change the From field drop-down menu within the compose window before selecting the Track & Send button to track the email using Bananatag.


For emails created using our email designer, you will have to option to add additional aliases via the Add New Alias option available within the From drop-down menu in the o365 add-in sending window.


You will be able to add and remove existing aliases through the menu that opens up:

Important Note

The following information will only apply to users who are still using the previous version of our o365 add-in. We strongly recommend trying out the latest version.

The most common mistake users make when using Bananatag for Office 365 is changing the From field in the native Outlook window, as in this example:

This will technically send, but it will bypass some Bananatag functionality and prevent various issues for you including but not limited to:

  • metrics going to the wrong dashboard
  • emails not being tracked
  • links not being tracked
  • emails sending immediately instead of when you scheduled them to

The correct way to send from other mailboxes with Bananatag is to use Aliases, by changing the From field in the Bananatag windows:


It's important that when you aren't sending a Bananatag-designed Draft, leave your native outlook window as is, only modifying the message body, subject, to, cc and bcc fields. If you use the Send button in native Outlook, and not the one in the Bananatag sidebar, this will bypass the Alias you've selected and ignore Bananatag completely.


Error Notification or Email is stuck in Drafts after attempting to send from Alias

These types of errors would indicate that you no longer have send-as permission for the mailbox/alias you are trying to use. You should contact your organizations IT Help desk so that they can investigate from their side.


Bananatag for Outlook Classic

Bananatag for Outlook 3.0 will adopt all the same mailboxes you have already set up with send as permission but if you're in the Bananatag add-in trying to send a Draft and you don't see your Mailbox as an option in the From field, your next step would be to close the add-in, open a new email in Outlook and send an email to yourself, untracked, from that mailbox.

If it works, try going into the add-in again and you should see that mailbox available now. If not, you should contact support by clicking Report Bug from your Outlook Home screen.

If you run into any generic errors when trying to send an email from another mailbox, try selecting your personal account and sending it to yourself (untracked) as a test first. If the error still persists, it's likely something else causing the problem and you should click Report Bug from your Outlook Home screen to contact support.


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