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Congratulations -- you have a Bananatag account!

To get started, visit: https://www.app.bananatag.com and log in with your email address and the temporary password in the Bananatag welcome email. If you did not receive the welcome email, please check your Spam folder in case it was automatically filtered or contact us at support@bananatag.com to receive a new password.

Once you're logged in, you can change your password under your account icon in the upper right hand corner > Settings > Security.


Now, let's get familiar with the dashboard.


Navigate Your Dashboard



You can click on the yellow Bananatag logo in the top left hand corner to get to your dashboard. The dashboard displays aggregate information on all tracked emails within the selected time frame at the top. By default, you will be viewing stats from the last 30 days, but you can change this by selecting the drop-down menu. Below, we've broken down each area on the dashboard so that you learn and feel familiar with the app. Feel free to also check out the short training modules found at the bottom right hand side in the dashboard as well:


  • The Navigation Menu contains quick links to the following pages:
    Emails - Here you can find all tracked communications from this account, detailed reports on individual emails, and you can organize your emails into folders for easy reporting.
    Create - This is your design hub for creating and managing drafts and templates of emails across your entire organization. Here you can build email drafts to send to your audience, create email templates to quickly and consistently, create future email drafts, and share templates or drafts with other departments or teams.
    Reports - Reporting shows you the big picture of your employee communications. Here you can use pre-made or custom reports to find and highlight trends, export raw account data for further analysis (i.e. with Excel), and look at large windows of time and see the data necessary to report on trends and inform important decisions.
  • The Date Selection menu will determine the range of data displayed in the Dashboard. You can use a pre-made date range or use a custom range to increase this to a 6-month window or decrease to a single day.
  • The Key Overview Statistics will show the number of tracked communications, unique opens, and clicks between the dates chosen.
  • The Engagement Overview will display an overview of all sending interaction within the date range specified in the Date Selection.
  • The Device Type Opens Overview shows the percentage of opens attributed to both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • The Latest Tracked Emails is where you will find a list of the most recently sent communications from this account and their associated details. Clicking the entry will take you to the details page of that particular email.


Account Menu


Here you will find settings and resources to help you get the most out of your account, including:

  • Knowledge base and help center links
  • Account settings, security options and personal account preferences
  • Team organization
  • Addition of other emails in need of tracking capabilities

Be sure to visit the Resources page from the Account Menu for the following:

  • How to install the add-in to your email client
  • Help Center Links
  • Access to our full webinar and how-to videos library
  • Link to our IC Blog
  • How to contact us
  • Our System Status page

Next, let's install the Bananatag add-in in your email client so you can start tracking your emails!

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