List Management Overview and Contacts



List management puts you in control of your employee lists and allows you to:

      1. Create and update your own distribution lists (without IT)
      2. Target employee communication by department, location, job role and more
      3. Capture engagement data with unique recipient tracking

This article includes walkthroughs and videos for how to import contacts, create and manage lists, and send an email draft using list management.

Import My Contacts There are two ways to import your contacts into the Bananatag dashboard. First, you can add an integration to connect Bananatag with your existing people management system (such as Azure Active Directory. The benefits of doing so include daily automatic syncing of those contacts so all contact information is updated automatically. Second, you can use the CSV Import function to quickly upload lists of employees using standard CSV files. Both import options offer step-by-step help to integrate or upload your data, it's your choice.


  1. To import addresses to use with list management, first start under the Contacts tab.
  2. Then click Import. You can use either an integration, which will update itself automatically with the latest information, such as Azure Active Directory or a CSV document of contact names and emails. Regardless of path, the next steps are very similar, so we will take the CSV route.Import.png
  3. Find your CSV document.CSV_Import.png

    Sample CSV:CSV_sample.png
  4. Now we will want label each field or column found in the CSV to help sort relevant data. You can choose a pre-made label, like this First Name field or create your own if necessary. Click Map field or you can skip it if it is not relvant information for your lists. Once all of this information has been Mapped or Skipped we can continue.Map_fields.png
  5. Name your list.
  6. Your most recent CSV upload will be found under sources > Uploads or if you have used an integration, you will find it under the integration Tab

Create and Manage Lists Lists of employees can be created based on any combination of attributes you define in Bananatag. You are in full control of your data. Any details that are included with your contacts when imported can be used to create targeted lists to send emails specific to. For example, you can create lists for:

    • Specific teams or departments
    • Management tiers
    • Office locations

Creating lists only takes a few clicks. Here's how:

  1. First click on Directory to find all of the imported contacts. This is every contact you have added to your account. You can click Add New Filter to narrow down your recipients. Choose a field, for instance Department, these are comprised of the categories included in the import stage.add_new_filter.png
  2. Next, add one attribute or a few.add_filter_and_attribute_and_save_as_list.png
  3. Once you are done, click Save as List. Name your list and choose whether you would like this list to be dynamic or static, meaning when an included contact's information changes will the list be automatically updated.
  4. Finally safe your list.

All of your created lists are available in the lists tab.

Send a Draft Email Using List Management So you have some new lists created. Now what? You can send emails to these lists directly from the Dashboard. send.png

It's as simple as adding your distribution list(s), adding a subject line, and selecting Send Now:subject_line_and_send.png
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