Adding Videos



This article will discuss how you can add videos to designs. Videos are a great way to improve user engagement by providing content in a quick, digestible format.

In this article, we will cover the following items:

  1. How to add videos to your designs
  2. How videos are displayed
  3. How to create a thumbnail for your recipients.

Adding videos to your design

To add a video to your design, either add the “Video with Text” quick block or create a custom block that includes a video element.


Once added, click on the video element and you will see the “Video Settings” panel appear on the right side of the screen. In the “Video Link” field, copy and paste a link to the video you wish to display in the email. You should then see the video appear in your design.


Please note that the video element does not upload a video to your email design. If you have a video saved locally to your computer, you will first need to upload the video to an external platform like Youtube or Vimeo before it can be added to your design.

How recipients interact with videos

When your recipients click on the video in your emails, they will be redirected to the external platform where the video is hosted to view the video. 

Please note that if your IT department has any firewalls or settings in place that restrict access to external video-hosting platforms, this may cause issues for your issues. In the event that this occurs, please check with your IT department.

Creating a thumbnail for your video

Most recipients enjoy videos that have a thumbnail, as it prompts them to click on the video to view it.

For YouTube videos, or other media that is publicly available on the web, you don’t need to upload a thumbnail image as this will be fetched automatically from video source. 

For all other links and internal videos, this image file is necessary as Bananatag will be unable to connect to your team’s internal Intranet sources where those files are hosted.

You can add a custom thumbnail in the “Video Settings” Panel, under “Video Thumbnail”. The “Preview Image” field will allow you upload a custom image, while the “Play button” field will let you choose between a white or black play button to appear on the email.


If you are uploading a thumbnail image for a video hosted on Youtube, the image file you have uploaded will replace the default Youtube thumbnail.

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