Adding and Formatting Text



Add text to your design and edit that text so that it fits your design requirements.

In this article, you will learn how to:

    1. Add text to your designs
    2. Format text in your designs
    3. Change multiple text elements at once 
    4. Add lists
    5. Clear formatting
    6. Insert links
    7. Insert a table of contents

How to Add Text to Your Designs

From scratch: Add text by clicking the “+” button on an empty block layout. Or drag in a Text Element from the creation panel and drop it into a block.

Quick blocks: Drag in a Quickblock with text (all quick blocks have at least one text element, except the Spacer Quickblock).


How to Format Text 

A Text Element can only have one style.

This means that a Text Element can only have one setting for each of these properties:

      • Font
      • Header style
      • Font Size
      • Line Spacing

Note: You can still have multiple Bold, Underline, Italic styles and Colors in a text element.

To mix fonts and sizes, they have to be separate text elements. 

See the three styles below:


How to Change Multiple Text Elements at Once

On Mac: (Command + Click) and the settings will appear on the right panel. 

On Windows: (Control + Click) and the settings will appear on the right panel. 


How to Add Lists

If you only want part of your paragraph to have a list, highlight the text section and select your list type.

Our tool doesn’t offer coloured bullet points yet. 


How to Clear Formatting 

If you don’t like the styling that a text has, highlight the text and click the Clear Formatting button.


How to Insert Links

Highlight the text you want to add a link to and click the Insert Link button to add your link.

If your organization has a special link style, for example, all links should be red with an underline, you can set that in your Branding Settings page.


How to Create a Table of Contents

Headers are important for sections of content. If you plan to use our Table of Contents feature, it makes an anchor link for each Header element in the order they appear. Highlight and delete any unwanted anchor links.


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