Adding and Formatting Text



Add text to your design and edit that text so that it fits your design requirements.

In this article, you will learn:

    1. How to add text to your designs
    2. How to format text in your designs

Adding Text to Your Designs



Regardless of whether you have used quick blocks or custom blocks to add content to your designs, you can add text by clicking on the Text Element in your block to select it.

After you’ve selected the text element, you can Delete the existing placeholder text and Add your own text. 

Formatting Text in Your Designs

There are two ways to format text in the email designer, via the Text Pop-Out menu or via the Text Settings menu.

Pop-Out Menu Text Settings Menu

You can access the Text Pop-Out Menu by clicking on the text element that you would like to edit. When clicked, you will see a menu appear above the text element with various formatting and styling options.


You can add these formatting options to your text element by:

      1. Click and hold your mouse button down while dragging it across the text you would like to edit
      2. Once you’ve selected the text you would like to edit, you can then click on the desired formatting options 

It’s important to note that this will only affect the text that you’ve selected. If you want to format all the text in your element, you will have to select all the text.


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