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This article will show you how to access and use the powerful advanced element controls in the Email Designer. These controls will allow you to easily split, merge, and swap elements within a block. This section will also provide an overview of how to select and edit multiple elements within one block.


Splitting, merging and swapping elements

If you move your mouse and hover over an element, you will see the advanced element control menu appear below the element.  This menu allows you to split your element, merge your element, and swap your element.

Splitting Elements

The splitting feature lets you split one larger element element into multiple smaller elements. Whenever you split an element, one element will always be split into two elements.


To split an element, hover over the element and then click the icon, which will then split the element into two new elements.

Merging Elements

You can merge elements together via the merging feature. This allows you to merge an element with any other adjacent element, which will in turn create a larger element.


To merge elements, hover the mouse over an element you would like to merge and then click the merge left or right icon. This will merge the elements.

Please note that if the elements being merged are different, the element that you hovered over when clicking the merge button will overwrite the adjacent element


Swapping Elements

In some situations, you may simply want to swap the order of different elements within your block. To do this, you will use the swap feature in the advanced elements control menu.


To use this feature, hover over the element you would like to swap and click either the Swap Left or Swap Right icons. Clicking either icon will swap your current with another adjacent element.

Selecting multiple elements in one block

When there are multiple elements within one block, it can be helpful to select multiple elements so that they can be bulk edited. 

This can be done by holding the control button (or command if using Mac), and clicking on each element that you would like to select.


Once this has been done, the Multiple Elements Menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Depending on the types of elements selected, different options will be available for editing.

If multiple text elements or multiple button elements were selected, the following changes can be made:

  1. Padding between elements
  2. Font 
  3. Text size
  4. Lining Spacing
  5. Alignment

Otherwise, the only available options will be to edit the padding between elements.

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