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This Article will help provide information on how you can gain extra insight from your communication recipients through included Pulse Surveys. When sending out emails, there may be a chance to gather feedback from your recipients in relation to the content of your message. Whether you want to ask a simple Yes or No question, or provide a range of possible responses, all while having the option to collect comments, we've got you covered!

What is included

- Inserting Pulse Surveys
- Styles of Pulse Surveys
- Customizing your Surveys
- Additional Customization Options for Surveys

Inserting Pulse Surveys

When you want to include Pulse Surveys in your emails, you can do so with two methods. 

Survey Element: You can choose to setup Pulse Surveys within mutli-section or single section blocks by choosing your block then dragging the Survey element into the section of your choice.


Styles of Pulse Surveys

When you're looking to include a Pulse Survey within your email, there will be a few different choices for different Styles of Surveys:

Reaction: Gives recipients a chance to react with a variety of emojis, or a simple thumbs up

Range: Let's recipients use a range of reactions to provide more detail on how they felt about the email

Binary: Simple 'Yes' or 'No' style surveys for some straight to the point feedback

Customizing Your Surveys

Padding: Adjust the spacing around the Survey within your email. These values can be individually changed, or can be changed collectively in increments of 5px by using the  and  buttons.

Titles: Can be added to your Survey within the right-hand pane of the Email Designer; these are used for viewing within your Email metrics and won't be publicly visible.

Survey Style:  This is where you can choose between the above mentioned types of surveys, each of which have varying options for how you'd like your recipients to react.

Survey Size: Just below your Survey Style options, you'll find a text field where you can determine the size of your survey within the email; this can range from 1px-50px.

Enabling Comments:  After you change the size, you'll have the choice to enable or disable comments on the Survey. If you're keen on more detailed feedback, this is a wonderful option!

Additional Customization Options for Surveys

Outside of the options that are readily presented to you when adding the Survey to your email, there are some other pieces which can be used to further customize your Surveys. These can be found by navigating through Settings and into Branding.

Brand Logo: An easy start to making something your own is to include your logo. This is a simple process of uploading an image using the Select button then choosing the Logo orientation next to the image itself. If you need to change your logo down the line, you can remove any uploaded logo by using the Clear button.

Feedback Messaging: Wanting to request feedback in a certain way? Looking to use some particular wording when asking for comments? You can do this easily by adjusting your Feedback Messaging, right below your Brand Logo; just be sure to keep in mind that there's an 80 character limit.

Thank you Messaging: If you'd like to express your gratitude with a special message for those who provide feedback, you can also do this! Below the Feedback Messaging, you'll find your Thank you Messaging; this has both a Mail Title Text and a Sub Title Text. The Main Title Text will have the same 80 character limit as the Feedback Messaging, but the Sub Title Text is a bit more expansive with it's limit of 160 characters.

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