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Gain extra insight from your communication recipients through Pulse Surveys. When sending out emails, there may be a chance to gather feedback from your recipients in relation to the content of your message. 

In this article, you will learn:

    1. Inserting Pulse Surveys
    2. Styles of Pulse Surveys
    3. Customizing your Surveys
    4. Additional Customization Options for Surveys

Inserting Pulse Surveys

You can insert a pulse survey in just a matter of seconds!


You can choose to set up Pulse Surveys within multi-section or single section blocks by:

      1. Choose your block
      2. Drag the Survey element into the section of your choice

Styles of Pulse Surveys

When you're looking to include a Pulse Survey within your email, there will be a few different choices for different Styles of Surveys:

Reaction Range Binary


Reaction: Gives recipients a chance to react with a variety of emojis, or a simple thumbs up.

Customizing Your Surveys

Customizing your pulse surveys allows you to tailor the survey to the exact content and message you want to convey.



Learn all about the different customization options below:


Padding Titles Survey Style Survey Size Comments
Padding: Adjust the spacing around the Survey within your email. These values can be individually changed or can be changed collectively in increments of 5px by using the  and  buttons.

Additional Customization Options for Surveys

Outside of the options that are readily presented to you when adding the Survey to your email, there are some additional branding pieces that can be used to further customize your Surveys.


Navigation Brand Logo Messaging



You can access the survey customization page via the "Branding" option in the "Settings" menu. Get there by:

    1. Click on your initials icon in the upper-right corner, then clicking on Settings
    2. Click on the Branding
    3. Click on Survey Feedback


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