Create, Send and Track Emails


  In this article you will learn:

    1. How to Create, Send and Track Emails
    2. Device-Specific Steps to Create, Send, and Track Emails

Creating emails with Bananatag is easy! In just a few steps you can create dynamic emails that are tracked, providing you with the valuable insights that you need as a communicator.

Create/track plain text emails by clicking on the Bananatag email tracking button or create dynamic emails using the Bananatag email designer.



Building Emails in Outlook Building Emails in Gmail Building Emails in the Dashboard

Using the designer is simple—Create and Send in 5-Easy Steps!


STEP 1: Select Emails in the top Outlook navigation menu and pick the + New Email Draft

STEP 2: You can choose to create your draft from the following options:

  • Your Templates - templates that you’ve already created and saved*
  • Template Library - a selection of pre-built Bananatag templates ready for customization
  • From Scratch - start a new draft from the ground up
    • Email Designer (HTML) - Block-based Email Designer
    • Rich Text - Text-based emails **

STEP 3: Enter your Email Subject and a new window with Designer and Preview & Send will appear

STEP 4: In the Designer window, you can drag the Blocks you want to add to your template/draft *** Input your information (text, images, hyperlinks) and adjust the Style and Content

    • Style - This section allows you to adjust the colors, fonts, buttons and surveys (where applicable), as well as the padding.
    • Content - Each block has its own content features that you can adjust.

STEP 5: Click Preview & Send and Add your Distribution List to the To, CC or BCC fields


  1. Send a Test Email to visualize how your email will look when received.
  2. Select Save to save this design as a draft or select Save as a Template to save this design as a template for future use. Drafts can be deleted whereas templates are permanent and cannot be removed from your account.
3. Review how your email looks like on a Desktop or Mobile by clicking on this icon Outlook_Classic_Preview.jpg

Make sure Track Email is switched on. Click Send and you’re done!

* If this is your first email template/draft, this section will not contain any pre-built templates. Once you save your first template then you are able to re-use it as you wish.

** Use the Rich Text editor to create plain text emails or paste in your own custom HTML

*** To insert a block, use the left sidebar and drag in a block to the canvas or click on it to automatically add it to your canvas.


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