Installing Outlook Classic 3.0



This article will show you how you can install version 3.0 of the Bananatag add-in for Outlook Classic. 

Although we have now released version 3.0 of the Bananatag add-in, some users will be unable to switch to 3.0 or will have to continue to use 2.0.

Steps to install Outlook Classic 3.0

Before you install Outlook Classic 3.0, please ensure that Outlook is closed.


  1. Download the Outlook Classic 3.0 add-in
  2. Click on the .exe file 
  3. When asked “Do you want this app to make changes to your device?” press Yes
  4. The installation wizard will appear, click Next on each step until the installation is finished
  5. Open Outlook, you should see the “Create with Bananatag” icon at the top-right of your screen
  6. Click on Create with Bananatag
  7. This will open up a login window similar to the Bananatag web app. 
  8. Log in to Bananatag just as you would normally (Google Auth, Microsoft Teams, or email address)

You’re now set up with Bananatag’s new 3.0 add-in for Outlook Classic.


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