Enabling Custom Fonts


Within Email Designer 3 we are now able to support sending with custom fonts. However, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure that your newsletter recipients can receive that font.

Custom Fonts




Recipients Must-Have Font Downloaded
To ensure that newsletter recipients are able to view the custom fonts, the user must ensure that they have that font downloaded on their computer and have added the font into their Outlook settings.
You’ll want to contact your system admin or IT team to assist with this.

  For Gmail & OWA Users

If you use a web-safe font, recipients may not need to download it to their device/span>

Recipients Must-Have Licensed Font
Where applicable to satisfy the above, users must own licensing for the font to use it.
You will need to provide us with the font files
In order for us to add your custom font to your account. you will need to send us the font files. We currently only accept .ttf files
Your system admin or IT team should be able to assist with this.

Getting Started:


If you’re interested in exploring adding a custom font to your account please contact your Account Manager or accountmanagers@bananatag.com.

Once your font has been added to your account, you can then navigate to Settings > Branding to select this font as your account’s default font - as well as set a secondary/back-up font. To learn more about how to set branding defaults click here.

*Must be account Parent Admin or Admin to set these defaults. 

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