Email Designer Version History



Collaboration is key! You can now work on email templates with your team! See who's in the design and keep track of changes.

In this article, you will learn:

    1. How version history works
    2. Version History

How Version History Works

Do you have a team that is working on a draft or a template together? Or do you have an approval process for email designs? You can easily share your progress and collaborate together with Bananatag collaboration features.


 Collaboration allows you to see exactly who is working in your email draft/template. You can also track all changes that have been made and if need be revert back to an older version.


Version History

Version History is Available for Enterprise IC Plans.  

Version history allows you to see exactly when a change was made and who it was made by. As well as revert back to any previous versions.

View Previous Versions Revert to a Previous Version


To view your version history:

  1. Click on the Saved Time Stamp in the upper right-hand corner of your design template
  2. Click on the Version you would like to view
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