Sharing Drafts & Templates


In this article you will learn:

  1. Why you should share drafts & templates

  2. How to share drafts

  3. How to share templates


Why should you share drafts and templates? 

One advantage of using our email designer to build your comms is the ability to share drafts and templates. There are three main reasons to do this:

  • Save time - By sharing templates with other teams within your organisation, they won't have to build their own emails from scratch every time, and can simply drop their content into a template that has been built for them
  • Consistency - Shared templates can be pre-populated with your corporate header, logo and anything else that is mandatory. This way, all users of the template will be sending comms that align to your corporate identity
  • Collaboration - Sharing a draft will allow different users to add their own content to the newsletter. It can also be shared with an editor who will make any final changes. This way, you won't be the only one responsible for building your newsletters!

Sharing Drafts Sharing Templates


  1. Log in to your Bananatag Dashboard
  2. Click Create and ensure you are on the Email Drafts tab
  3. Hover over the draft you'd like to share, click the three dots and then Share Draft
  4. Locate the users or groups you'd like to share the draft with and click Invite
  5. Set their permission level by clicking on the drop-down menu that appears
  6. You can un-share a draft by clicking on the red dot


Depending on your permission level, you may not see all groups/users on your subscription.

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