Adding a Table of Contents


In this article, you will learn:

    1. How the Table of Contents works in the email designer
    2. How to add one into your newsletter 


How does the Table of Contents work?

Want an easy way to show your readers what's coming up in your newsletter? The Table of Contents element (or TOC) will automatically detect headings in your email design, and create a list that you can embed.

The TOC will also create anchor links, that on most email clients, will 'jump' to the heading when clicked.

There are two designs available to use:

  • Menu Style - This is the most common, and will lay out the headings side-by-side. This is a great way to show what's coming up without adding too much length to your email.



  • List Style - This option will show all the headings in a list form, on top of each other.


How to add a Table of Contents




      1.  To be added to the TOC, you must format each heading as Heading 1,2 or 3 on the text controls. You can tweak the appearance however you like once this is done!
      2. Once all headings are set up, add a new text element where you'd like the TOC to be
      3. Click one of the TOC buttons on the right sidebar. There is a different button for list and menu style
      4. The TOC will automatically populate
      5. Remove any entries you don't want, and change any style settings you'd like


Add an invisible 'Back to top' heading at the top of the email, and add a new TOC at the very bottom. This way, your readers can easily navigate to the top of the message with one click!

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