Email Designer V3.0 FAQ


In this article, we will answer some of the more commonly asked questions about our Email Designer.

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  1. Why does a white line appear on my emails in Outlook?
  2. Can I send an HTML email using pre-built code in Bananatag?
  3. Why do my emails look different across different clients/devices?


Why does a white line appear on my emails in Outlook?

A somewhat frequent issue seen by users of Outlook 2016 & 2019 for Windows, is a 1px horizontal white line spanning across their email template. The line may also take on a different colour depending on the template/email background colour.

Despite the issue being widely reported, unfortunately, a simple fix is not yet known. A quick Google search can produce many articles and forums with suggested fixes and conversation regarding the issue, but Microsoft's official statement on the issue is currently "this is actually a known issue, and still under investigation."


This problem doesn't happen in Outlook 2016 for Mac because that client doesn't use MS Word for rendering, whereas Outlook 2016 for Windows uses MS Word as its rendering engine and that’s where the problems occur.


Can I send an HTML email using pre-built code?

Yes! However, although it's possible, we don't recommend it.

Outlook is very strict (and often fussy) with what formatting it will accept, often causing sent emails to be received looking far different than they did when being composed. We've shaped the Bananatag Email Designer to be as friendly as possible with the Outlook restrictions so emails are being sent and received with no formatting surprises or blemishes. 

We recommend building out your newsletter using the Email Designer tool. With all the content blocks and customizations available, it's very easy to replicate your existing HTML template within our designer. 

However, if you'd prefer to use your own code, here's how:


STEP 1: Log in to your Bananatag account

STEP 2: Select Create

STEP 3: Click on Email Drafts

STEP 4: Select + New Email Draft

STEP 5: Choose to create the draft From Scratch using Rich Text - Text-based emails

STEP 6: Paste your HTML into the blank email draft

STEP 7: You can Send a Test Email to test how your email will look when received

STEP 8: Click Save to save this design as a draft or select Save as Template to save this design as a template for future use

STEP 9: After saving, you can send the draft or template directly from your email client


Why does my email appear differently across different clients/devices?

We work hard to ensure our email designer is compatible with as many different email clients, or devices, as possible. Individual differences and features across these clients, however, mean that sometimes things will look or act a little different.

This section outlines the fonts, features, and CSS elements that are supported by the most common email clients.

Fonts Table of Contents CSS / Styling Guide

What fonts do you recommend?

Many fonts are designed to be 'web safe' while some fonts are specific to the operating system; not counting fonts that are entirely custom. When sending to users across multiple platforms, you may see some of your font selections adjust based on which fonts are supported on the mail client or operating system.

Below is a list of "Web Safe" fonts - they are usually compatible with most (if not all) platforms:

Sans Serif




*-Not currently supported through the Bananatag Email Designer
*--Support for this font may vary between specific versions or builds of the mail clients 


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