Getting Started with Chat (Beta)


In this article you will learn:

  1. What Bananatag chat is
  2. How to sync Bananatag with your organisation's chat platform
  3. Known limitations with the Bananatag Chat
  4. Bananatag Slack bot scopes & MS Teams required permissions

What is Bananatag chat?

Our initial Chat beta allows you to:

  • Send employee communications to Slack and MS Teams (through Bananatag)
  • Draft and schedule multiple communications for Slack and MS Teams

Click here if you'd like to learn more about Bananatag Chat integrations!

Setting up Bananatag Chat (Beta)

Slack MS Teams

Before you can start using Bananatag to send messages in Slack, you must first sync your workspace. By following these easy steps, you'll be sending in no time! 


  1.  Log in to your Bananatag account and click on the User Tile in the top-right of the screen
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Chat Apps
  4. Select Sync with Slack
  5. Allow Bananatag to sync with your workspace
  6. Choose your Slack Workspace and click Save

A few things to note:

  • Only one Slack workspace can be synced per Bananatag subscription
  • Slack can only be set up by an Admin or Parent Admin. It will then be available for all Bananatag users with the permissions set at the time of syncing
  • Bananatag can only post to public channels. This means you are unable to send to private groups, channels, DMs or group DMs.
  • Due to limitations in the Slack scheduling API, messages cannot be scheduled more than 120 days ahead.
  • Once a Slack message has been sent, it cannot be deleted. You can, however, delete them before sending
  • Bananatag uses a bot to send messages in Slack. For the Beta, any messages sent through Bananatag will display the Bananatag logo and name. This will be customisable in the future. Here's how it looks today:


  • When a message is scheduled, the Slack bot will be automatically added to the channel. This will create a notification as seen below:


Your IT team may also request to see the Bananatag Slack bot scopes. Below are all of the permissions that our Bananatag bot requires.

Bot scopes

Bot scopes 

  • channels:read - To view basic info of public channels in the workspace. This is used for listing channels to send to.
  • chat:write - To send messages as bananatag.
  • chat:write:public - This gives us the ability to post to any public channel without joining.
  • reactions:read - View emoji reactions and their associated content in the channels and conversations that Bananatag has been added to.
  • team:read - To view name, email domain, icon for workspaces that Bananatag is connected to.
  • channels:join - chat:write.public enables us to send a message to any public channel, but it does not apply for scheduling at the moment. Bananatag needs to join the channel before the bot is able to schedule to that channel. 


User scopes

  • users.profile:read - This enables us to view details of people in the workspace.  This is not being used to read details, but because we need at least one user scope to get a user token, which we are using to provide the ability to uninstall the Bananatag app. 


What we won’t have access to

  • Reading or writing to private groups, private channels, DMs, group DMs.
  • Sending on behalf of a user. All interactions will be done on behalf of Bananatag bot. We may in the future customize our username and avatar, but we will not post as a user.



We recommend creating a designated Slack account for the purpose of communication to sync with Bananatag, rather than a personal or individual work account

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