Scheduling a Message


In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to schedule a message on your chat platform
  2. How to review scheduled messages
  3. How to cancel scheduled messages

Using the Schedule feature, you can create your messages and set them to send out at a time/date that suits you, within the next 120 days.

The instructions are below:


  1. Log into your Bananatag dashboard and click on the Chat (Beta) tab
  2. Click New Chat Message
  3. Select your chat type. In this example, we will be using Slack
  4. Select the channel you'd like your message to be sent to
  5. Select your sending account
  6. Click Schedule Date & Time
  7. Click Schedule Message


Make sure your time zone is set correctly! The message will be scheduled according to the user's time zone

Reviewing & Un-scheduling Messages



You are able to view and filter scheduled messages in the Chat (Beta) tab. Each card will display the time it will be sent.

If you'd like to cancel a scheduled message, simply find it and click Unschedule

This will not delete the message, so you're free to update the schedule time if you like.


If you'd like to update a scheduled message, you will need to Unschedule it first!

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