How do I find my Active Directory custom fields?


In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to locate your Active Directory custom fields
  2. How to import these to your Bananatag Directory


Before you add your organisation's custom fields to Bananatag, there are a couple of requirements:

  • Your organization’s Active Directory is based on-premises, and synced to Azure Active Directory.
  • Your Azure Active Directory (AAD) Global Administrator is able to assist in generating the custom fields.


Identifying your Active Directory fields

To start, your organization’s AAD Global Administrator will need to run the following script in Powershell, in order to fetch the unique custom fields your organization uses internally.:

Get-AzureADUser -SearchString | select -ExpandProperty extensionproperty


The above information should be returned in this query...

Outside of the “Prefix”, each section of the extension value is unique to your organization, and includes:

  • AppClientID - Your organization’s unique AAD tenant ID.
  • DisplayName - the custom field display name, as set in your organization’s on-prem active directory.
  • Value - The value of this custom field for the searched user.

In the above example, Bananatag’s on-prem active directory has a field with the name “isBtagOnPrem” which accepts either a true or false value.

Importing custom fields

Importing fields into Bananatag

Once you know what your custom fields are, you'll want to import them into Bananatag. This will allow you to segment lists, or even email metrics, according to the criteria in these fields.

The steps required to do this are below.

1. Click on Import Custom Fields


2. A box will pop up and allow you to insert your custom field. You can add more than one by clicking Add Field


3. After you’ve added all of your custom fields, click on Import Custom Fields to save them.


4. You should now see your custom fields in the mapping page, which you can then map to Bananatag fields.


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