Building a Message


In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to create a message from scratch and prepare to send it out

As part of our Chat (Beta) feature, you have the ability to create messages for sending out on Slack. To do this, you will need to build a message by setting the chat type, channel, sender and of course the message content.

The instructions on how to do this are below!

Slack MS Teams


  1. Log in to your Bananatag Dashboard
  2. Click Chat (Beta)
  3. Select New Chat Message
  4. Choose the chat type (i.e. Slack)
  5. Select the channel you'd like your message to be posted in and the account you'd like to send from
  6. Write the content of your message
  7. Click Create Message at the top

And that's it! Once your message has been built, you can review, schedule or send it.


You can make your message stand out by using emojis and text formatting!


To add an emoji to your message, simply add the code for the specific character you'd like to add, with a colon (:) on either side.

You can find the codes for all emojis on this page. Here are a few examples:

       Code Emoji
       :smiley: Smiley.png
       :alert: Alert.gif



       :clapping: clapping.gif
       :tada: Tada.png


Text formatting

You can also use basic formatting within slack messages by using the following codes:

  • Bold - Place an Asterisk (*) before and after the word you'd like to be bolded. For example, *Hello* would be displayed as Hello
  • Italics - Place an underscore (_) before and after the word you'd like to be italicized. For example, _Hello_ would be displayed as Hello
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