Changes to Tracked Links


In this article, you will learn:

  1. How we have changed Link Encoding
  2. What these changes mean to you
  3. What actions you'll need to take 

When tracking links, Bananatag had previously been attempting to correct any encoding issues. This was  done in an effort to provide the best experience for our users’ recipients.

With the modernisation of many browsers and mail clients this extra "behind the scenes" step is unnecessary for most users, and has adversely impacted others. We decided to no longer force error correction on tracked URLs, and are now giving Bananatag users the flexibility to input and use whatever URLs they would prefer.

What does this mean?

When adding links to our Bananatag drafts, our users will need to ensure that their links are valid. For most users, this should not be a problem

Please note that this change has applied to all links, including existing links in drafts and templates.

Some users may encounter issues with their links if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Your link was generated from a service that uses older link formatting protocols
  • Your link has certain characters that may be problematic. This would include:
    • &amp
    • &apos
    • &quot

What actions do I need to take?

We recommend you complete the following steps to ensure your links have not been impacted:

  1. Contact your IT Team and ask if your links are being generated by a service using UTF-8 encoding or ASCII encoding. 
    1. Links generated with UTF-8 encoding will not be affected 
    2. ASCII encoded links may have problems.
  2. Review the links in your most commonly used drafts and templates. If your see one of the problematic characters listed above, please do the following
    1. Open the draft or template in the Email Designer
    2. Send yourself a tracked email that contains the link
    3. Click on the link and see if it still works

How can I get help?

If you have questions or are experiencing an issue with adding links, please contact your account manager or

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