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In this article, you will learn:

  1. The different types of list you can create in Bananatag
  2. How to create simple and complex lists

Once you have uploaded contacts into your Bananatag directory, you can create custom lists based on the each attribute. This way, you are in complete control of your data and can send your communications to any specific segments you choose.

Types of custom lists

You can create simple lists based on single filters, such as:

  • Specific teams/departments
  • Management tiers
  • Office locations

Or you can create complex lists, for example:

  • Contacts of a management tier – except for those in a particular location
  • Recent hires in a specific location – except for those with a particular job title

How to create custom lists



Here are the steps necessary to start filtering contacts in your directory and build Bananatag Distribution lists:

      1. Click Directory to find all of your contacts
      2. Click Create Filter to start narrowing down your recipients.
      3. You can choose if you want to Include or Exclude contacts in your filter selection 
      4. Choose the attributes that will define the group that you are targeting
      5. You can select as many attributes as you like for each filter, or keep it simple and just use one
      6. If you need to combine filters, you can click on Add New Group and repeat steps 3-5
      7. Once you are done, click Save as List. Name your list and choose whether you would like this list to be dynamic or static.
      8. You are now able to send to this custom list, or review it in the Lists tab.






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