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Customers sending from the Web App will sometimes ask what IP addresses emails will be coming from. In this post, we'll show how to find the outgoing IP addresses that Bananatag uses by checking the Bananatag sending IP SPF record.

What is an outgoing IP address and why should I care?

Many organizations have firewalls and other mail security tools in place to help protect from attacks on the internet. Knowing the IP addresses that Bananatag emails will be coming from allows your team to specifically trust emails coming from Bananatag, or to create rules in systems for how those messages should be handled that are specific only to messages coming from Bananatag.

While Bananatag uses AWS SES to deliver emails, the outgoing IP addresses are dedicated and specific to Bananatag, so rules created for these IP addresses will apply only to mail from Bananatag and not any other individuals or businesses who may also be using AWS SES.

How do I find the IP addresses Bananatag uses for sending my emails?

Bananatag maintains a set of IP addresses that your emails can be sent from. These IP addresses are dedicated and specific to Bananatag and can be obtained by querying Bananatags SPF record (at the subdomain).

This is how to query the list of IP addresses from Terminal (including a filter to include only the SPF record):

$dig TXT +short| grep 'v=spf1'

Here’s the equivalent query using the Windows command prompt:

C:>nslookup -type=TXT | find "v=spf1"

In the future there may be more IP addresses added, as of the writing of this post it returns these ranges.




Those ranges include IP addresses from to

Emails sent from the Web App in Bananatag will be sent through one of the IP addresses listed in the SPF record. There is no guarantee which IP address an individual email will be sent through, so if performing an allowlist process the entire range would need to be allow listed.

Please remember that these addresses are subject to change and the SPF record will be updated so checking that record will always be the best way to ensure you have the most up to date information.

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