Getting Started with Web App


 In this article you will find:

  1. Our Mission
  2. Getting started with Web App
  3. Connecting your email domain
  4. How to upload and connect your lists
  5. How to build your lists
  6. How to create an email and send


Our Mission


Welcome to Bananatag! Our north star is helping teams like yours grow the effectiveness and impact of their communications.

Bananatag helps you create beautiful employee emails, distribute them to your own customized employee distribution lists, and measure engagement so you can improve your internal communications strategy and make a measurable impact.

Get Started with Web App Sending


Web App is a set of features that allow communicators to import contacts from a CSV or an employee directory like Azure Active Directory (AAD), quickly create and manage distribution lists, and send emails right from the Bananatag Web App (

Web App enables you to:

  • Create distribution lists without IT
  • Send targeted emails to lists based on any employee attributes you store, such as
    department, location, job role and more
  • Follow-up with only those employees that didn’t open an email
  • Capture engagement data with unique recipient tracking

There are four main steps to getting all of the powerful capability the Web App feature has to offer:

1. Verify and Connect your Email Domain

You will likely need your IT team to assist in the initial domain verification process, which authorizes Bananatag to send on behalf of your domain using our systems.
For users importing contacts via CSV,  Cloud-based integration (such as Azure AD) or a hybrid approach, domain verification is the only step required before you can start sending emails through

  1. To complete Domain verification, start in
  2. Navigate to your settings by clicking the menu in the upper right corner, then Settings.
  3. Click the Web App tile (You must be an Admin or Parent Admin account to see this tile).
  4. On the Domain Connect page, enter the domain URL in which you wish to send from.

    Note: Multiple email sub-domains can be used for sending for Enterprise level accounts, but these domains must be entered separately. Unless a domain/sub-domain is configured here, it will not work with Bananatag Web App.

    Eg. and must both be added if communications are being sent from those domains if you are intending to send emails from
    both and

  5. Your IT team will have some steps to complete on their end to update your organization’s internal and external DNS settings. You can refer them to this article about setting up your server settings and completing the connection.

2. Upload or Connect your Lists

You can take a few different approaches to manage your list of recipients depending on your preferences and the plan you are on.

1. Click Contacts on the top navigation bar. From here you have three options depending on your plan.

  1. You could upload a CSV of contacts to act as a list.
  2. You could connect Bananatag to a Cloud Active Directory like Azure.
  3. You could take a hybrid approach.

Whichever your approach, we have a full and complete walkthrough in this article and in the Bananatag dashboard itself when you visit the Contacts tab. 

2. Next you can map information being received from your source to relevant groups. For instance, you may want to map their location to send communications to specific areas your employees are in and their department, but perhaps their phone number is irrelevant to you. Once you map or skip the information, you are ready to build your lists.

3. Build your Lists


  1. Click on Directory to find all of the imported contacts. This is every contact you have added to your account.
  2. Click Add New Filter to narrow down your recipients. Choose a field, for instance, Department, these are comprised of the categories included in the import stage.
  3. Next, add one attribute or a few.
  4. Once completed, all of your created lists are will be available in the lists tab.
  5. Click Save as List. Name your list and choose whether you would like this list to be dynamic or static.

4. Create an Email in the Designer and Send

  1. Click on the Create tab to find all email drafts
  2. Click Send on the draft you would like to send
  3. Add your list(s)
  4. Add Subject Line
  5. Click Send Now

Congratulations! You are now ready to send your emails with Bananatag Web App.

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