End of life - Internet Explorer 11


What’s happening?

Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer (IE11) in August 2021. This doesn’t mean every IE11 browser will suddenly stop working, but it does mean that you’ll face an increasingly degraded experience across many app and websites as they cease to support the browser. You can read about the deprecation of IE11 on Microsoft’s support website here.

How does this affect Bananatag customers?

The end of Microsoft’s support for IE11 means two things:

  1. If you use IE11 to access app.bananatag.com, you should switch to a different web browser as soon as possible. After August, we will completely stop supporting our product through IE11. This means we will stop fixing bugs and testing new features in the web browser. By mid-September, app.bananatag.com will be completely inaccessible from IE11. 
  2. If you use Bananatag for Outlook, you will need to either upgrade to our Outlook 365 extension or Outlook Classic 3 add-in.


No action is required if you don’t use IE11 as your web browser, if you don’t use Bananatag for Outlook, or if you’re already using our Outlook 365 or Outlook Classic 3 products.

1. I use IE11 as my web browser

Since we know that Microsoft is ending support for IE11, we’re reducing the time and resources we dedicate to fixing issues that only occur when Bananatag is accessed through this browser. 

This means that for the best Bananatag experience, we recommend that you switch to either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as soon as possible. 

Currently, you’ll see a warning message each time you log in to app.bananatag.com from IE11. 

By mid-September 2021, app.bananatag.com will be completely inaccessible from IE11.

2. I use Bananatag for Outlook

Our Outlook Classic 2 add-in is powered by IE11, so unfortunately this means we’re also going to stop supporting it in August 2021.

We recommend upgrading as soon as possible to either:

Luckily, both options include numerous other improvements and are included in all Bananatag plans. 

I don’t know which version of Bananatag for Outlook I’m using

No worries! You can confirm which version you’re using by clicking the Get Help button beside Create with Bananatag in Outlook and look at the Addin Version included in the email draft that was created.

What if I’m tired of using Outlook?

You can send your emails directly from Bananatag’s Web App. In addition to no longer depending on Outlook, you’ll be able to quickly build your own Custom Distribution Lists, segment your metrics based on employee attributes, and more. If you’re interested in this option, contact your Account Manager to learn more.

How do I get a new browser?

There are a few options for you to choose from to get the best experience out of Bananatag. 

Top Recommendation:
- Google Chrome

Other Recommendations:
- Microsoft Edge
- Apple Safari

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