Web App - Changing the reply address of emails


Changing the reply address of emails allows you to define exactly where any responses to your communication will be sent.  

Making this change can be useful if:

  • you are sending a communication on behalf of an individual such as one of your organization's executives, and you don't want their inboxes to get a high number of replies.
  • you are sending a communication for another department, and they want to have access and control of the replies.

How to change the "reply to" address

  • After your draft is complete, and you are ready to send or schedule it, access the Send Details page.
  • On the "More Send Options" area, you will find the field for changing the reply email:


  • Enable the toggle button, and now you will be able to type the new reply email for this communication.



  • Your updated reply to email will be effective when you send the message.


Note: Depending on the settings of your organization's mail servers, some auto-replies (such as Out of Office) might go to the original email instead of the custom one.


Checking the reply address of sent emails

After a draft is sent, you can always check the reply address in the Send Details, on the Email Stats page:


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