Office 365 - Feature Release


 In this article you will learn:

  1. How to get access to the new Outlook 365 (or go back to the previous version)
  2. How to send by Alias in the new Outlook 365 add-in
  3. How to add an Alias in the new Outlook 365 add-in


Note - Depending on your organization's permissions settings, you may need to contact your Outlook 365 admin to approve the new add-in. Eventually, we will require all Bananatag users to upgrade, so we recommend doing so in advance at your convenience. 


With this release, we’ve improved the overall speed, stability and performance of the Outlook 365 add-in. We have also improved the way you send an email via an Alias, whether you’re directly from your Outlook desktop application, or sending through the Bananatag add-in.


How do I get access to the updated Outlook 365 add-in?

How to try new O365

  • You will see this toggle on your Bananatag sidebar when you open the sidebar.
  • Click on the toggle. We will automatically close the sidebar for you so it can update to the new version.
  • Relaunch the sidebar and authenticate your account.
    • Note - You may need to contact your Outlook 365 admin to approve the new add-in.
  • Accept the Permissions Requested.
  • Send as usual 🎉

How to revert back to the previous O365 version

From the SEND or DRAFT sidebars, simply click on the toggle again. You will be prompted to reauthenticate to go back to the old Bananatag add-in.


“Send from” (Alias) is now more intuitive

If you’re sending directly from O365 that you’d like to track:

Previous method:

Choose your “From” in the Bananatag sidebar.


New method:

Choose your “From” directly in your email composer.



If you’re sending from a Bananatag draft that you’d like to track, same as before:



I want to add a new email account or alias to Send As

  • Click “Add New Alias”
  • Click “Add An Account”


  • If you have approval from your IT or Admin, you will successfully be able to Save2021-04-27_21-04-10.jpg


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