BananaTag with GoDaddy & Thunderbird


I'm pretty sure I've read all the materials regarding this issue on your website, but still can't get through. My problem is to 'email connect' with my GoDaddy email account. 

I'm using my GoDaddy details, email account:, password and SMTP: with 465 SMTP port and SSL encryption.

It says "Failed to validate SMTP settings."

I've also tried SMTP from your "common SMTP settings" for GoDaddy: 

Then it says "The provided SMTP credentials are incorrect."

I've also tried SMTP from 'manual email client settings' section in my cPanel, which is just:

It says: "Failed to validate SMTP settings."


Can you please help me with this?

Kind regards,




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    Hi Michael,

    Email Connect issues can vary from user to user due to the number of different mail servers and configurations that can be involved. However, this is normally something our team is able to assist with through our support channel.

    Please be sure to reach out through the appropriate contact form by clicking "Contact Us" above or email directly and we'll be happy to help.


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  • Will do. Thanks Morgan :)

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